Psychological / Physiological variables

Mental energy – The task independent factor of one’s propensity to engage in cognitive effort.

Physiological Arousal – Roughly, one’s level of Sympathetic Nervous System Activation, which increases when stressed, agitated, emotional, etc.

Spaciousness (internal spaciousness and external spaciousness) – The lack of a subjective sense of “pressure” or “crunch” from competing considerations  or incoming stimuli. “There is space and time to deal with everything (or at least meta-deal with everything” vs. “there isn’t”.

Mindfulness – The degree of awareness brought to present experience as it occurs.

State neuroticism / reactivity / compulsivity / blendedness – The general factor describing the degree to which a person will act, unreflectively on his/her immediately arising urges.

Intention stability / Attention stability  

General Stability