[The part of this site that isn’t the blog is very much under construction]

This is a site about applied psychology.

This project is aiming to use the best available cognitive science, phenomenological observation and model building, experimentation, and iteration, to uncover the true pyshcological principles that underlie effective human performance, and develop methods to apply those principles in practice.

This site is divined into two parts: the private-wiki  and the the blog.

The private-wiki (what should I call this) is a network of pages / reference articles outlining my up to date best models of various important psychological principles. All of the pages in the wiki are “continuous draft”, and I add to them over time. This section is currently very incomplete, as I haven’t yet finished publishing the initial versions of pages on key concepts.

The blog is where I document my in-progress research and personal development projects, as I pursue them. Blog posts will include training plans; data analysis;  hypothesizing, theorizing, and speculation; and personal reviews.

[It would be good to have a selection of recently modified pages here.]


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